Research Faculty/Staff.  The core software development efforts in the LBSR are conducted by research staff, typically hired at the Research Assistant Professor level.  These positions can either reside entirely within the scope of the LBSR, or share reporting lines with other departments, centers offices or institutes at Rutgers, such as the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB), Center for Integrative Protomics Research (CIPR), Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) and Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC).  The software development team will concentrate on developing a powerful suite of integrated biomolecular simulation methods within a multiscale modeling software framework optimized for high-performance using ACI.  This is an outstanding project opportunity for scientists interested in fundamental methodology development and creation of new software infrastructure.

Junior Fellows: Junior Fellows are advanced, highly recognized early-career scientists wanting to make a mark in the field before moving into permanent positions in academia, industry or national lab.  Junior Fellows are researchers who are more senior than typical postdocs, have a minimum of a year's prior postdoc experience, and are expected to contribute to the LBSR in various leadership roles involving research and development, grant writing and education/outreach.  The Junior Fellows program is a competitive program that provides fellows with benefits or prestige, resources, teaching and training opportunities, and greater autonomy than a conventional postdoc or research associate position.  Further, Junior Fellows will each create an individual development plan (IDP) in accord with NIH guidelines and in consultation with a 3-member faculty advising committee made up from LBSR affiliated faculty.  The faculty advising committee will meet annually with the Junior Fellow to check progress, provide mentorship, discuss career goals, options and strategies, and set new milestones moving forward.  Each Junior Fellow is sponsored and supported by one or more mentoring faculty members, and may be further supported with a supplemental non-sponsored research account from the LBSR. To become a Junior Fellow, a candidate is interviewed by the LBSR team and affiliated faculty, gives a seminar that is open to all faculty, staff and students, and must pass a vote of affiliated LBSR faculty. A Junior Fellow also carries a title of Research Assistant Professor that allows her/him to apply for independent external grants.

Current open positions: The Izgu research lab in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology at Rutgers is seeking applications for a postdoc position to work at the interface of synthetic chemistry and chemical biology.  Consideration will be given to candidates with experience in nucleic acid (bio)chemistry, bio-organic chemistry and/or gene editing (CRISPR-Cas Systems). Applicants should be scientifically driven and self-motivated individuals with the highest commitment to excellence in scholarship.
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